Huda Beauty #fauxfilter foundation part 1 | Yasmine Alom

you have to see part 2 on my youtube channel yasminesworld (shock shock)
ok here are the obvious, its thick, full coverage demi matte to matte, 30 shades, 3 undertones. 
i did like it and after using it for few weeks i think i am more comfortable to talk about it.  
in regards to shade match i strongly advice you to get samples or even have a chance to go down there and get a colour match, because the foundation is so thick its harder to blend in, (some foundation you can get away with it not being 100% true match) 

down side, i did come out in spots, my nose was hella oily in fact more than my normal days which i found wired. you can feel it sitting on your skin. 

for me i would wear it occasions and definitely not a everyday foundation.

Colourful smokey spotlight eye makeup look | yasmine Alom

Eye look
Bitchslap cosmetics rainbow palette
Mac blue brown pigment
Mac undercurrent eye pencil
Fatihasworld.com “Yasmine” lashes

Mac deep darkest skinfinish
Fatihasworld.com antiqued gold highlighter

Mac chestnut lip pencil
Mac viva glam gloss

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Mac cosmetics amber 9x palette & 3D glitter | Yasmine Alom

Mac cosmetics amber 9x eye palette 
Mac silver 3D glitter 
Mac brushstroke liner 
Mac smoulder pencil 
Fatihasworld lashes “yasmine”

INSTAGRAM:- @yasminealom
FACEBOOK:- sistersworldpage 
SHOP:- www.fatihasworld.com

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Huda beauty #fauxfilter full coverage foundation review

It is amazing to see finelynbrands are coming out with a large colour range with many undertones. 
Woman of colour are one of the largest consumer groups and up antil recently had to mix and match with many products and brands to get the right shade.  (If they are lucky) 

First came fenty and then cane huda beauty #fauxfilyer. This foundation is a full coverage matte foundation. Ideal for all skin types and if you are oily then you must powder. 
Warning not for those who like the natural look. You would only need one pump and won’t need a concealer. 
Currently retailing for £32 the brand huda beauty is going strong as ever. 

Like many new brands trying to get a colour match will be harder at start and most people try to compare it to mac as that is the original colour brand to have all the range needed. 

Check out my first impressions https://youtu.be/c004akqVsE4, day wear https://youtu.be/4GQMCSpwv4Uand makeup tutorial https://youtu.be/T3fQKtM9nwQ using this foundation .  


Huda beauty #fauxfilterfoundation

The long awaited launch of huda beauty #fauxfilterfoundation .

Lucky for me I am able to pop into Harrods when ever I want sonthis time on her launch day I was there as soon as the counter opened to get mine. 

The staff there I felt sorry for as I feel they didn't have enough staff there to do the matches for customers or had any form of waiting system. 

However being a MUA myself I was able to match myself and got colour 440 cinnamon. 

Below are pictures taken with and without flas of the shades to give you an idea. 

I have noticed there is ancolour jump between 430 and 440. Ideally I think I would of been a 435 but no shade existed. So I opted for the darker shade to avoided looking ashynand that way I can just highlight my face. 

It is definitely full coverage with a matte finish. I would say it's very similar to kat Von d full coverage foundation in feel. 

Let see how this goes :) 


Mac cosmetics Taraji P Henson viva glam collaboration

Make everyday a #vivaglam day😍 
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Mac cosmetics new nude lipstick collection

Getting nude πŸ˜‰ -

There are 24 shade of nude and one to compliment any skin tone 😍 
Above are :- 
Among fireflies. 

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Fenty beauty by Rihanna at Harvey Nicole's

Like everyone I tried to attend the launch day of this brand. 
If you didn't know then fenty beauty is by Rihanna which is exclusively sold at Harvey Nicole's in the UK.

The first day was so hecktic that I felt sick and I had to get out. There was people everywer and I am talking about 7pm! 

So a few days later I though I would go in hoping there is now crowd.

But I was wrong, yep there was a crowd and this time we had to line up out side for 45 min and then entered the store which then had to wait in another line and wait for a further 15 min to be actually served and in counter.

At last I was seen and managed to pick up the ever so raved about foundation in sage 420 and the one and only lip product, gloss. 

I did do a review on these products and youbgeybtonsee what it actually looks like on my YouTube channel yasminesworld. Check it out . 

The foundation was definitely matte, it is buildable for more cover and it doesn't cake!!! 
The gloss is perfect any skin tone and smell so yummy. The best part it's cheap when comparing it to other luxury or celeb brands. 


Semi permanent eyebrow makeup

Many would say it's not aloud in Islam. It may be and I am not qualified or knowledgeable enough to argue. 
However having my brows done was something I have waited for years. Finely managed to get its one and I love it 😍 

The Clinic is:- 


Huda beauty rose gold palette

I may be very late on the rose gold palette from huda but when there was a extra discount day at work I finally give in. 

Firstly I didn't buy it when it launched mainly because I thought  the colour are not that different from what i already have in my collection. 

Plus usually on a brown girl they don't always look as colourful. Typical. 

As you can see from the swatches its not a bad pay off. 
My favourite from the mattes had to be man eater and from the shimmer humm all of them. 

paying something around the  £50 Region is way too much for me to pay for and I just can't justify it. But the discount got it down to a reasonable price so I was more happy. 

The colours are nice and thank god it's not justanother neutral palette. Not sure how much longer the shimmer shadows will last as I fee I lost a lot with every use. All in all it's a good palette to create everyday to glam looks πŸ‘πŸ½