The best facial oil in the market

Black Gold Nourishing Facial Oil 🔸Omega 3 acids – Hydrates, moisturises & lubricates skin. Promotes supple, soft and smooth skin. Heals parched & chapped skin.
🔸B-Vitamins – For younger-looking skin. Increases production of ceramides & fatty acids. Boosts skin’s hydration. Reduces inflammation.
🔸Vitamin C – Provides sun protection. Stimulates collagen synthesis. Improves skin tone & texture. Reduces the appearance of dark spots. Delays fine lines & wrinkles.
🔸Zinc – Fights acne. Treats minor skin irritations and infections. Treats dry itchy and flaky skin.
🔸Calcium – Provide anti aging skin benefits. 🔸Antioxidant protection from UV damage. Maintains lipid barrier function. Boost cells renewal.
🔸Potassium – Promotes healthy hydrated & moisturized skin.

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