Yasmine Alom Makeup Masterclass

May 21st 2017 was a big day. For the first time i conducted my independent makeup master class. The class took place at Haute Elan and organised by modest fashion london and project managed by Narjic  . The class had 12 attendees out of 15. i deliberately wanted an intimate setting as it was set in a boutique so there was limited space to work with. it was perfect as it gave me a chance to spread out my pani puri stand and also a photobooth.

Snapbox was invited to set up a photobooth for all the staff and attendees to take pictures at the end with their attendance certificates and have them printed to take home with them. they have been so kind to even bring me my own personalised glass bottles of water for everyone. 
with my sister fatihas and bubbles 

my masterclass was planned to get theory work and visual learning for my students. the first half was going through everything from face shapes, eye shades, brows, undertones, contouring, bronzers and blush placement. alongside talking about the colour wheel. 

my model did an amazing job and we covered 3 looks. all starting from the basic everyday yet flawless and then built it up to a smokey look and then a creative floating cut crease. 

the masterclass was a successful event and one that left me feeling wanting to do more around the UK. so watch this space 
photography by photography_kkh